Parenting Styles Part II: How to Incorporate Positive Parenting Techniques

As indicated in the previous post, utilizing a Positive parenting style is integral in helping your children build more self-confidence, increase social skills, and perform better in school. If you realized you were using one of the other parenting styles and want to know how to transition into a Positive Parenting style below are some ideas. If you are not doing these, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and incorporate some, if not all, of these tactics.

  • Set realistic expectations for your children that match their age level.
  • Allow and encourage your children to respectfully express their opinions.
  • Get feedback and allow your children a chance to give their input when you are setting limits, expectations, rules, or consequences for them.
  • Enforce rules firmly, consistently, and kindly.
  • Acknowledge and praise your children when they do things well, take responsibility for themselves and their actions, or do things to help the family.
  • Keep tabs. Know who your children are with, what they are doing, how and when they will return home.
  • Be there for your children when they need help or if they need to find outside help.
  • Never let your children forget that you love them. At times you may not like their behavior but they should always know you love them no matter what.
  • Be a role model. Your actions speak louder than your words so make sure your responses to conflict and stress, and your communication with the other parent are healthy because those will be the same responses your child will choose.

When it comes to splitting parenting time with someone else, you can only control your own parenting style. If the other parent is open, maybe you could share these suggestions with them. If you have extreme differences in parenting styles don’t be afraid to seek professional help or advice.

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