Minnesota Child Support Attorneys

Our family law attorneys have represented clients in numerous cases involving Minnesota child support.  We assist clients in obtaining appropriate child support sums to support their children.  We also work to ensure that clients with child support obligations are not paying amounts in excess of statutory requirements.

Our family law attorneys have successfully argued motions requesting modification of child support, whether due to a change in financial circumstances or a child’s emancipation, both before the District Courts and the Court of Appeals.  We have also represented clients with interstate child support issues, as well as clients whose obligations have been affected by retirement, social security, or disability issues.  In addition, Wolf, Rohr, Gemberling & Allen P.A. has effectively dealt with every aspect of establishing and modifying child support under Minnesota Statutes § 518A et al. To learn more about how child support is calculated and how child support is affected when financial circumstances change for either party, visit our Child Support FAQ section.