Minnesota (MN) Visitation/Parenting Time

Parenting time, previously called visitation, is a complex area of family law, and one with which the attorneys of Wolf, Rohr, Gemberling & Allen P.A. have a wealth of experience.  We can help you obtain a proper parenting time/visitation schedule with your children.  Our St. Paul, MN based firm can also assist you in modifying a current parenting time/visitation schedule to assure that you spend the maximum amount of time possible with your kids.

We identify and help you avoid common parenting time problems, such as those resulting from long-distance travel, changing work schedules, or orders for protection. We have filed motions for contempt on behalf of clients who were wrongfully denied parenting time; in the most extreme cases, our attorneys have requested a modification in custody due to wrongful denial of parenting time.

Attorneys are often called upon in parenting time matters to advise their clients on short-term, everyday decisions. We can mediate, negotiate or litigate with the opposing party and help you reach equitable solutions to even the most complicated parenting time problems.