Child Support Calculator – What is the Cost of Child Support?

The following child support calculator is based off of the guidelines set forth by the Minnesota Child Support statute, effective January, 2007.  The calculator does not necessarily reflect a court ordered liability, but is intended as an informational resource.

Information that you will need to obtain to use this calculator includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Each individual’s gross monthly income
  • The number of children present in each parent’s home
  • Existing spousal maintenance orders (if applicable)
  • The monthly cost of child care, health and dental coverage
  • The amount of court ordered parenting time
  • The amount each parent is currently paying in child support, for another child (if applicable)

Determining child support responsibilities can be a challenging assignment for any party, which is why we recommend hiring an experienced family law attorney to facilitate in these matters.  The attorneys at Wolf, Rohr, Gemberling and Allen, P.A. can advise you as to whether a deviation from the guidelines may be appropriate in your case.  For more information regarding child support, visit our Child Support FAQs page, or contact our MN Famil Law Firm today.)