What is a Parenting Plan?

In another post in our Defining Legal Terms Series, we help you to understand what a Parenting Plan is and why it is important to child custody matters.

A Parenting Plan is incorporated into your decree and addresses the agreed approach the parents will take while raising their children even though they live separately.  Parenting plans were created in hopes of reducing conflict between parents.  It often addresses fine details the parents agree on rather than just a schedule.  For example it can outline:

  • Procedures to follow when a child is ill or injured;
  • Restrictions on where parents may live;
  • Bedtimes, homework routines, when children can see R-rated movies, or other rules that create a united front in each home;
  • Procedures for how extra-curricular activities will be chosen;
  • Contact with extended family;
  • Communication methods.

Parenting plans can be as short or as detailed as the parents like.   We can help you draft the Parenting Plan that best fits your family’s needs.

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