Minnesota Family Lawyers on Reducing Conflict

As Minnesota family law lawyers with relevant experience, we know that conflict at home is never desirable.  One of the keys to a more fulfilling home environment is learning how to reduce the conflict that, at times, seems unavoidable.

A great place to begin is by recognizing the conditions that often lead up to, or enable, the conflict.  Consider the most recent conflict you witnessed or were a part of, and think about what topic or disagreement was at its root.  By pinpointing some of those “trigger” topics, you may be able to better control when or how some of conflicts arise.

If you’re worried that the other parent is repeatedly misinterpreting or misunderstanding what you’re actually saying, try rephrasing your conversation in ways that clarify and reduce the possibility of taking things the wrong way.  Phrases like, “Tell me what you think…” or “It sounds like you’re saying…” can help do that.

And especially important in times of conflict, especially when they’re at their worst, is keeping a cool head.  If you feel yourself on the verge of shutting down, or disengaging altogether, take a deep breath and remind yourself (aloud even, if it helps) that you’re doing this for your children.  Both you and the other parent love your children, and the kids need both of you to work together.

Conflict can’t always be prevented.  It can, however, be better controlled and reduced through intentional steps like the ones above.  Keep at it; your kids will thank you someday.

Our family law services seek to help create more peaceful family environments through several means.  Sharing advice and useful tips like these are one way we can help Minnesota families make the best of difficult situations.