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Divorce Attorneys in St. Paul MN

Wolf, Rohr, Gemberling & Allen P.A.'s divorce attorneys in St. Paul, MN have represented men and women in thousands of dissolution, or divorce, cases. Our divorce attorneys have vast experience in negotiating favorable settlements. We can also assist in overcoming obstacles that often develop during a divorce, such as orders for protection or restraining orders.

Affordable Divorce Services

In the event most of the issues between you and your spouse are uncontested, we can quickly and inexpensively secure your divorce. In many such cases, one of our divorce attorneys can economize, without the risks often associated with paralegals or so-called "divorce services."

The divorce attorneys of Wolf, Rohr, Gemberling & Allen P.A. are experienced and trained negotiators. We can assist in the negotiation of all issues in your family law case, including:

We can help you keep costs down when mediation is likely to result in a final settlement.

Divorce, and its various components, such as custody, parenting time, and maintenance, is our focus. Our divorce attorneys will use their considerable experience in this field to obtain a fair divorce for you, with a minimum of time and money expended. To learn more about the differences between separation and divorce, who files for divorce, attorney usage, and more, visit our Divorce FAQ section.

Aggressive Divorce Litigation

When it is clear neither mediation nor negotiations will aid in resolving your divorce, we will aggressively litigate all disputed issues in your case. We have considerable trial and Court of Appeals experience to successfully seek a just judgment in your family law matter.

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What Our Clients are Saying:

"Thank you so much for always bringing your A-game. I'm lucky to have you representing me and I look forward to getting the judge's order."
- Matthew W.

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