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Minnesota Child Custody Law

We have taken numerous Minnesota child custody cases through to trial, and have successfully secured custody for hundreds of clients. We aggressively pursue custody through an intricate analysis of the children's best interests as set forth in Minnesota's child custody law (Minnesota Statute 518.17).

As a result, we are accustomed to dealing with doctors, teachers, psychologists, guardians ad litem, and all other experts in custody matters. In addition, in matters of Minnesota child custody, our attorneys have successfully defended our clients against false allegations of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Our firm is keenly aware of the potential biases facing parents in today's social and judicial systems.

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We strive to obtain a fair result for you and your children, and we have experience working aggressively within the system to achieve custody for many deserving parents. For more information on Child Custody and Child Custody Laws visit our Child Custody FAQ section.

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"Thank you so much for always bringing your A-game. I'm lucky to have you representing me and I look forward to getting the judge's order."
- Matthew W.

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